Glass canopies

Custom designed glass canopies or overhead glass installation provides an attractive and practical feature to a building. However, these glass structures are subject to wind and snow loads, so technical staff need to have an extensive engineering knowledge of materials, codes, structural strength calculations and expert craftsmanship. Each design will have unique parameters and requirements, which must be accurately addressed in order to provide a safe, functional, durable, weather-resistant glass structure which can withstand glass thermal expansion, wind and snow loads.


To ensure safety, laminated fully tempered glass instead of monolithic, need to be used in canopies, because the fragmentation of monolithic glass after the breakage that showers from height, can become dangerous and to injure pedestrians.


It is important that fittings be designed for specific project conditions and loadings and be provided by entity responsible for canopy design.  Stresses induced in glass panels by fittings must be compatible with glass strength. 


Depending on project size a pre-installation conference maybe important. We look forward talking to you about the best glazing solution for your project.