Glass partitions with pivot doors

One of the biggest request we receive from our clients that they need to close off an area or separate an area but don’t want to create a wall. Our answer -  "glass partitions". Glass partitions are a great way to create privacy or divide rooms without "closing" an area in. Numerous options of pivot or sliding doors can be integrated into our glass partitions. Equally popular with residential and commercial clients, we have provided glass partitions for every application imaginable. A clear glass room divider creates the impression of expanding the room. Even a small apartment can give spacious look. Clear glass room divider has lack of privacy but you can use window films, textured or stained glass to overcome this disadvantage without blocking the light. Under strict laboratory testing conditions glazed partitions would be expected to achieve the following acoustic performance:

  • 10mm toughened glass (1000Hz to 3150Hz) 31db (RW)
  • 10.8mm laminated glass (1000Hz to 3150Hz) 34db (RW)
  • 12mm toughened glass (1000Hz to 3150Hz) 32db (RW)
  • 12.8mm laminated glass (1000Hz to 3150Hz) 37db (RW)


The acoustic performance of installed systems will vary.  This is due to the differing construction methods used in surrounding elements such as floors, walls and ceilings.